Feasibility Studies

A Feasibility Study is an in depth analysis of an idea, where the main objective is to determine whether the idea is economically viable or not.

Compiling a Feasibility study is a critical step in assessing a new business. If properly carried out, it may be the best investment you ever made.

There are various levels of Feasibility Studies. Beginning with Scoping studies which apply a fairly broad brush approach to an idea, offered by our Geological department. These reports then progresses to Pre-Feasibility studies, which are far more detailed in their content. Finally, Definitive or Bankable studies are then commissioned, which advances the idea through to a point where a decision is able to be made whether to proceed or not.

As a technology provider to the Resource Industry and a leader in the Mineral Sand fields, IHC Robbins is regularly involved with clients in compiling and writing Feasibility reports.

These reports are team efforts and rely on inputs from highly skilled professionals and consultants, who are central to the proving up of any new project. Development of high quality study reports at the different stages of the project development may often attract considerable venture capital, as large numbers of issues need to be investigated and they ultimately place great responsibility onto those people who produce them.

IHC Robbins skills in delivering these services are widely recognised in the industry and has developed and regularly update its extensive database from which it can draw information.

IHC Robbins offers the full package and employs highly professional and competent personnel to look after your interests.