IHC Robbins’s purchasing decisions take into account factors such as delivery and handling and price fluctuation, whilst striving to acquire goods and services at the best possible cost, quality and optimum quantity, at the right time, in the right place, from the right source for the direct benefit of Clients.

IHC Robbins currently uses a customised database to accurately control all facets of its Projects. This includes the procurement and expediting of goods and services.

Clients can receive updated project budget reports as often as required. The reports are updated automatically, as they are linked to the purchasing system to enable an accurate appraisal of the committed project costs versus the budget.

All purchasing systems are indexed by a work breakdown structure (WBS) code.  This code is the basis for all project control activities.

IHC Robbins follows industry best practice when calling tenders for project works. Typically a tender package will consist of four documents: Site Information & Design Criteria, Scope of Works, Standard Specification and Commercial Terms & Conditions.

Tender submissions are reviewed by representatives of both the Client and IHC Robbins prior to nomination of the successful tenderer.