IHC Robbins joins Reg Robbins in celebrating his 75th birthday, also marking his 50th year in the mineral sands industry.

From humble beginnings, Reg has built an industry-leading company with a strong team capable of continuing his legacy in the years to come. We are proud of his accomplishments and are honored to celebrate with him.

Mineral Sands Career

CRL Barge by Reg RobbinsReg’s first project involving mineral sands was building a unit designed for exploration in Brisbane for Clive Foyster (CRL).

Reg project managed and designed specs for the barge. It was deployed to the cape in 1970 and even boasted a helicopter on board.

The success of this project prompted many others, such as the Mount Morgan Fine Ore Plant in 1972 and the innovative Bayside Concentrator Plant in 1978.

Striking Out

In 1996, Reg founded R.J. Robbins & Associates. He was soon joined by sons Brad and Matt Robbins. They now act as the Concept Design Manager and Senior Project Manager of IHC Robbins respectively.

Forging a strong reputation as a provider to the heavy mineral sands sector, the team delivered world-class solutions in engineering, equipment, and project management. R.J. Robbins also diversified into metallurgical processing by establishing a distinguished metallurgical bulk testing laboratory in Brisbane.

Combined, these capabilities delivered products and services through to fully integrated mining & mineral processing plants.

IHC Integration

IHC Robbins was formed in 2015, following the merger with Netherlands based Royal IHC. IHC Robbins blends the heavy mineral heritage of R.J. Robbins with the global strength of Royal IHC.

“Growing is difficult,” said Reg as he recounts this milestone, “getting smaller is easy.” With a forward facing trajectory, Reg describes the merger as an excellent opportunity to reach the company’s maximum potential.

As a result, IHC Robbins’ full capacity is unlocked by Royal IHC’s support. Pushing into international markets, IHC Robbins—together with Royal IHC—aims to deliver innovative mining and minerals processing solutions across the globe.

50 Year Impact

Reg has inspired many throughout the years, both professionally and personally. His unmistakable talent in engineering secured his prestige in the industry—while the depth of his humanity earned him a place of respect among colleagues and friends.

Happy birthday, Reg, and congratulations.

IHC Robbins Metallurgical Services

IHC Robbins Team in the Metallurgical Lab