IHC Robbins is pleased to announce the addition of the IHC Mini Jig into our Metallurgical Facility. The new equipment brings opportunities to expand our services, enabling IHC Robbins to move into coarse particle separation above 2.00mm.

Materials unsuitable for spiral technology such as iron ore, coal, manganese, bauxite and other minerals that have coarse liberation characteristics can now be processed in our Brisbane, Australia laboratory.

IHC Mini Jig

The IHC Mini Jig follows the proven structure of the IHC Jigs for alluvial deposits in a more compact design. Most notably, they share the asymmetrical and trapezoidal shape that directs the movement of particles in the jig bed.

Combined with the pulsating pattern, described as a saw-tooth motion, the upward and downward cycle dilates the media and material bed. This ultimately creates the separation of heavy and light particles for optimal recovery.

Testing with Magnetite

IHC Mini Jig Testing

IHC Mini Jig Testing

Several tests were run with crushed feed material and samples were taken throughout the runs. Magnetite is used as heavies as it’s both easy to procure and easy to separate out from samples using a low intensity magnetic separator (LIMS).

Using a LIMS, the samples were checked for recovery and efficiency (Grade) of separation by the jig. After the tests, the jig bed is run through a magnetic separation step for total recovery of the Magnetite to complete the data.

In these tests the feed rate was set between 2.5 – 6 dry tph.


The conducted tests followed smaller scale tests done in Royal IHC’s Head Office in Kinderdijk, The Netherlands. Most of the outcomes in Brisbane were as expected. The scale up, for example, of the jig bed (volume and mass) gave a good insight of the efficiency of the mini jig in terms of concentration and recovery, as well as improved design of several components (such as the feed box).

With this successful outcome, IHC Robbins’ highly qualified metallurgical team can now offer processing solutions for coarse gravity separation.