Dry Mining Units

IHC Robbins Dry Mining Units are customized to suit each client’s specific ore body.

Whatever the size operation, designs are customized to be either skidable or track-mounted and can be supplied as either single units or in multiple modules.

Units can be customised for feeding by either Dozers or Front End Loaders and can be supplied in a multitude of sizes ranging from as small as 100 tph up to 1000 tph ROM head feeds.

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Skidable designs tend to come in either 2 or 3 modules to ensure site towing is  performed by readily available dozer models (ie; D8/D9/D10 or D11)

Track-mounted designs include on-board hydraulics, powered by either diesel generators or by off-grid AC power via HV trailing cable.

All units benefit from the ability to screen and pulp on-board, ensuring that an ore slurry is pumped to surface level for further processing.