IHC Robbins recently attended the Tailings 2018 conference in Santiago, Chile.

Tailings and tailings dams have become an important subject of research and development during the last few years. Generated from discards and process wastes, the challenges of storage and environmental factors surrounding tailings are becoming increasingly important.

Of the subjects covered in the conference, it was clear that IHC Robbins can offer strong solutions for mineral recovery and tailings relocation.

Mineral Recovery and Tailings Relocation

Using our global experience in gravity mineral separation, we are able to further extract valuable minerals from waste. As can be seen in our work with Titanium Corporation, we have a demonstrated capacity to engineer technology that eases the environmental impact of oil sands froth treatment tailings, while recuperating valuable products that would otherwise be lost.

Tailings relocation is another area where our expertise is a great advantage. By combining our Dry Mining Unit (DMU) with dredgers from our parent company, Royal IHC, we can offer integrated solutions from leaders of the mineral processing and dredging industries.

Other Key Takeaways

Tailings 2018 offered extensive knowledge from various experts that enabled us to find a number of different engineering and scientific areas of investigation and business opportunities associated with tailings management. These include sustainability, dams stability, water management, mine closure, social and community relationships, mineral recovery and many other areas of study.

For IHC Robbins, most of the above are potential areas for business development, where our core competencies become valuable assets to provide technical and engineered solutions to tailings during mine operation/closure.

We observed that the State of Chile is currently funding R&D projects through private firms to investigate gravity mineral separation. Heavy mineral separation using gravity separation process is a clear competitive advantage of IHC Robbins as the company consults on works for major mineral sand producers and offer a comprehensive range of project services.

Mines are also constantly assessing alternatives to reduce the water consumption and improve water recovery. Water management is a key aspect in all mining operations.

Our DMU packaged plant offers an alternative to reduce the water consumption in pit to remove material out of the tailing dam, add water to supply a controlled density slurry and recover the water back into the process. Water is not discharged directly into the mining pit or tailings dam.

With our in-house metallurgical laboratory services and our expertise in gravity separation plants, we are well positioned to develop our DMU design and offer the opportunity to conduct field R&D and testing to key clients.